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Sun’s zodiac change from September 17, will enter Virgo, know what will be the effect?


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Updated: Wednesday, September 14, 2022, 16:30 [IST]

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New Delhi, 15 September. Samvat 2079, the seventh date of the Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month, on 17 September 2022, the ruler of the planets, the Sun, is going to change its zodiac. On this day at 7.20 am, Sun will complete its transit in Swarashi Leo and enter the sign of Mercury in Virgo. The lord of Virgo zodiac is Mercury, which will set in the west at 7.55 am on this day. After this, from September 24, Venus will also come in Virgo, due to which the trigrahi yoga of Sun, Mercury and Venus will be formed in Virgo. From September 25 to September 27, the Moon will remain in this zodiac, due to which Chaturgrahi Yoga will also be formed in Virgo for 3 days.

Sun's zodiac change from September 17, know what will be the effect?

how will the transit of the sun be

The transit of Sun in Virgo will be auspicious. Being friends of Sun-Mercury, the people of Gemini, Virgo, Leo will get special achievements. All your work will be completed happily. Respect and prestige will increase. Happiness will be achieved. Work will get speeded up. Health will improve and there will be economic ease.

for other amounts

The transit of Sun in Virgo will be auspicious for the people of all zodiac signs. There will be ease in making intellectual decisions. Special achievements will be made in the field of education. Work will speed up. There will be chances of getting stuck money.

What to do

During the transit of the Sun, the people of all zodiac signs should offer water to the rising Sun daily from a copper urn. Put some red flower kaner or hibiscus in the water and add a pinch of red sandalwood and jaggery together. Offer water while chanting Om Ghrini: Suryaya Namah.

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english summary

Sun will Transit in Virgo on 17th September, its big change. read effects.

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