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T20 World Cup: All eyes will be on this player in the final between Pakistan and England



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Updated: Sunday, November 13, 2022, 11:40 [IST]

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mohammad harris

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mohammad harris

Pakistan’s practice session was completed outside the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). An Australian national came towards us and started asking us about the practice session.

Earlier, all Indian and Pakistani fans had also asked us about the practice. We also told them that the Pakistani team has gone after practicing. As he went, he said, “You guys will definitely beat England.”

Hearing this, it was realized that when the Pakistan cricket team takes the field for the final at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Sunday, it will get the support of a large number of Pakistanis living in Australia, but the Indian team, which lost by a huge margin to England, will get the support. Fans and supporters of England’s traditional rival Australia also want to support Pakistan.

Pakistan practiced for the first time after reaching Melbourne for the final, but Shadab Khan, a Pakistani all-rounder and a key pillar of Pakistan’s return to the tournament, was not part of the practice session.

Shadab Khan was seen fielding quickly in the initial overs against New Zealand in the semi-finals but after diving once or twice, he appeared in some trouble. Although it is not yet clear whether the reason for his absence is fitness or he himself has preferred to rest.

Neither Babar nor Rizwan was the center of attraction in the practice session, nor the Pakistani fast bowler, but all the focus was on a batsman who had joined the reserve team in place of Fakhar Zaman last week. This batsman was Mohammad Harris.

The final match of the T20 World Cup will be played between England and Pakistan in Melbourne, Australia today.

Jos Buttler is captaining the England team, while Babar Azam will be the captain of the Pakistani team.

Pakistan defeated India by 10 wickets to reach the final. At the same time, Pakistan won by seven in the semi-final against New Zealand.

Mohamed Harris unique practice of

This batsman named Mohammad Harris was not even sought to be included in the team before the match against South Africa and surely this was a decision taken by Pakistani think tank which could change the fortunes of Pakistan in this World Cup. Caused.

Harris practiced with throwdowns from other Pakistani batsmen’s ‘dog ball throwers’. A ‘dog ball thrower’ is actually a machine in which the ball is thrown and this ball reaches the batsman at a particular speed.

Batsmen usually prefer to practice with it on the fast pitches of South Africa and Australia.

Mohammad Yusuf with Mohammad Harris was playing a small match with Throwdown Specialist.

Harris had to score a certain number of runs in an over and for that he had to face high pace (high speed ball). He was beaten a couple of times on the bounce, so he said in a loud voice in English, “What is going on.”

After this, when he got the first over-pitched ball, he made the same inside out shot between cover and mid-off as he had hit Ferguson in the semi-final against New Zealand.

Mohammad Yusuf congratulated him on this shot and he kept correcting his mistakes together but then when Mohammad Nawaz came to bowl Mohammad Harris, it felt as if Harris was not able to show much confidence in playing spin.

mohammad harris

Getty Images

mohammad harris

rain Influenced practice session

Right now in this World Cup, we have seen Harris score runs against high pace bowlers. But if England tries to match Harris with spin bowling, then he may have to face difficulties. However, what stood out about Harris throughout this session was his confidence and the priority he was giving behind the wicket.

This practice session of Pakistan got rained in the beginning and most of the practice was done indoor. When the players came out, Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan were seen getting Shaheen Shah Afridi to bowl for some time.

It is expected to rain in Melbourne on Sunday, but even after coming here for the second time, at least we are helpless to understand the unpredictable weather of this city.

When we reached the airport at ten in the morning, it was hot here and it was hot even with the jacket in hand. By the time we reached the hotel, it was dark clouds and it looked like it was going to rain.

After reaching MCG, we saw that the sky was blue at first, but in no time strong wind started blowing and dark clouds started covering the sky. Wherever we went in Australia, we found that the high winds blowing in the coastal cities usually cause the clouds to move quickly.

Pakistani team

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Pakistani team

Indian fans’ disappointment and ticket struggle

Indian fans coming to Pakistan’s practice session is not a new thing. Even before this, such pictures have been seen during the entire World Cup. Especially before the Pakistan-India match, many Indian fans are present to watch Pakistan’s practice.

However, buying or selling final match tickets for most of the Indian fans I have spoken to is now linked to India’s loss to England by a huge margin.

Many Indian fans had already booked tickets for the India-Pakistan final. Some even had to take tickets in black.

The two Pakistani nationals who met us, Mohammad and Umair, had come to the MCG especially to watch the practice of the Pakistani team during their lunch break from the office.

Mohammad told us, “Obviously you want an India-Pakistan final and these two teams face each other twice in the same World Cup.”

Talking about tickets, he said, “Let me teach you on WhatsApp message. Brother, in every group here Indian fans are trying to sell tickets somehow. Earlier tickets were also available in black, I did ICC Bought it from the website but after India’s defeat, I don’t think anyone should have any problem in buying tickets now.”

We also found Pakistani fans who had booked tickets for the final with the belief that Pakistan would beat New Zealand.

Pakistani team

Getty Images

Pakistani team

‘Pakistani are neighbours, we Him Will support

We met an Indian family who had come to Melbourne especially after traveling from Sydney to watch the finals.

Padma, a member of this family told us, “We were thinking that India will come in the final and the final match will be Pakistan-India. We were about to buy tickets in black, all the preparations were done but then India lost. Bad Seems like but… Best of luck to Pakistan.”

He said that he will support Pakistan in the final match because Pakistan is an Asian country and a neighbor. She says, “Whatever may be the political situation, but as human beings we are all brothers and sisters.”

Even in different Facebook groups, Indian spectators, who were expecting their team to reach the final, are trying to sell their already bought tickets to Pakistanis out of frustration.

A user named Rahul Mehta wrote in a student group on Facebook, “I bought the ticket for $295, ready to sell it for that price. If you live in Melbourne, I can personally meet you at your home or anywhere.” I can.”

There are many more such posts in which some users have requested people to contact them as soon as possible to get tickets.

Meeran says in his post, “A ticket to the Shane Warne stand is available for $295.” While another user wrote, “The price is $295 but I am ready to negotiate.”

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