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Telangana government assures 100% survival of trees translated for Formula E race


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Published: Wednesday, November 9, 2022, 20:37 [IST]

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HYDERABAD, Nov 09- : For the prestigious Formula E Championship to be held in Hyderabad in February, the routes and curves have been modified thrice to reduce the location of trees, especially large trees. However, some minimum number of trees have been relocated which are absolutely unavoidable. The officials, in response to some reports in the media, said that most of these trees have already been shifted and some remaining will be shifted. Unlike Formula 1, which requires a dedicated track, Formula E races take place on regular roads and the selection criteria are the smoothness of the road and the number of curves/turns the track can have.


The FIA ​​has finalized a 2.37 km track around Hussain Sagar Lake – the circuit around the Secretariat complex, going as a loop through Lumbini Park and has 17 curves/turns. Work has been done on the route for Formula E, thus the need to remove the existing road median for about 600 meters from the PVNR route towards Telugu Thalli flyover, and route to reduce tree locations especially large trees. And the curves were revised three times, a statement issued by the administration said. Accordingly, trees falling in the proposed alignment were identified and marked and HMDA submitted its application to the Tree Conservation Committee for inspection and necessary approvals.’

The members of the committee after detailed inspection approved the transfer of the affected trees. Officials clarified that about two-thirds of the affected trees are of small size and another 30 percent are of medium size. All the trees are being shifted within NTR Garden and in Sanjeevaiya Park. Existing trees adjacent to the track are being pruned and will be in full bloom over the next four months by the time the race is ready. The central central trees with yellow flowers are Tecomargensia (not Tabubia as was being reported in a section of the media) and have been shifted to Sanjeevaiya Park. The statement said that HMDA and the state government are fully committed to protect the green cover and assured that by ensuring minimum clutter and in the process ensuring that all these trees are carefully translated, a race All necessary precautions have been taken to provide the track.

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Telangana govt assures 100% survival of trees translocated for Formula E race

Story first published: Wednesday, November 9, 2022, 20:37 [IST]

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