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Contractor went out to have fun at night, lost the pen drive filled with information from across the city


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Updated: Friday, June 24, 2022, 12:27 [IST]

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Tokyo, June 24 : In today’s era, people store their data in pen drive or hard disk. People rarely use ledger accounts. If we are talking about Japan, then you can imagine that in terms of technology, Japanese people would use these gadgets on a large scale. Today we are going to tell you such a news, which will disturb you too. In fact, a private contractor in the western Japanese city of Amagasaki lost an important pen drive, which was used to store information from across the city, in the pursuit of having fun in the evening after work.

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forgot his responsibility in the affair of drinking
The news is as follows, after finishing the day’s work, a Japanese contractor went out to the market in the evening to drink wine and eat something together. An important pen drive was kept in his bag, in which personal data of 4 lakh 60 thousand people was stored. When he came out of the hotel after drinking alcohol, he did not have a bag. He had understood that he had lost the bag in a drunken state. He looked quite scared, as the bag contained the data of the residents there. A pen drive, lost of which created a ruckus in the area.

the administration apologizes
According to CBS News, an Amagasaki official expressed regret over the incident and told reporters that, “We are sorry that we have deeply hurt the public’s trust in the city’s administration.” According to the information, the name of the contractor has not been disclosed.

Information was stored on more than 4 lakh people
According to the information, this important data from Amagasaki was to be stored in a pen drive and sent to the neighboring city of Osaka. Names, genders, addresses, birthdays and other personal information of all citizens of the city along with bank account details of some people were also stored in the lost pen drives.

Claims of not leaking information
However, the administration is satisfied that the information about the lost data cannot be leaked, as the data was encrypted and the USB password was locked. According to local media, there is no information yet on whether the data of the local people has been accessed. The police has been informed about the loss of data and has started investigating the matter.

We will take full care of the safety of the public
Kyodo News, citing the city administration, said that the administration will take full care of security management when handling electronic data. The administration says they will work to regain the trust of their residents by raising awareness of the importance of protecting personal information.

Amagasaki city is the hotspot of night life
Let us tell you that the city of Amagasaki in Japan is considered a hotspot for night life all over the world. People come here and enjoy a lot. It has delicious food, drinks and good places to visit. That is why by the end of the evening, the beauty of this place becomes visible.

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english summary

In the western city of Amagasaki, Japan, a private contractor whose identity has not been carried memory sticks in a bag when he went out for drinks after work on Thursday.

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