The most destructive storm ‘Nanamadol’ in Japan is causing huge destruction, the risk of tsunami increased – न्यूज़लीड India

The most destructive storm ‘Nanamadol’ in Japan is causing huge destruction, the risk of tsunami increased

Storm heading towards Kyushu Island

According to the report, the maximum speed of this storm named Nanmadol was 162 kilometers per hour. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, the Nanmadol storm is now moving towards the island of Kyushu after causing havoc in the southern island of Yakushima. By Tuesday, the storm could reach Tokyo. The agency has predicted 50 cm or 20 inches of rain by Monday afternoon, with warnings of floods and landslides.

Nanmadol is the biggest storm of decades

Nanmadol is the biggest storm of decades

Earlier, the Meteorological Department had issued a four-level instruction for rescue. On Saturday itself, citizens were asked to evacuate the southern island of Kyushu. The US Navy’s Joint Typhoon Warning Center has described ‘Nanmadol’ as a major hurricane. It is being described as the biggest and most destructive storm in Japan in decades. According to local media, there had never been a storm like this before in the Okinawa Island Chen region.

Speed ​​can be up to 252 km

Officials say winds reaching a maximum speed of 180 kilometers per hour will have a bad effect in northern and southern Kyushu. At the same time, strong winds gusting up to 252 kilometers per hour will affect Amami Islands. Southern Kyushu may receive 600 mm of rain in a 24-hour period as of Monday morning. According to the agency, there is a possibility of heavy rain in parts of western and eastern Japan from Monday. According to public broadcaster NHK-World Japan, the storm will move northeast and pass through Japan’s main island of Honshu by Tuesday.

  Tsunami crisis after hurricane

Tsunami crisis after hurricane

According to the head of Japan’s Meteorological Department, Ryuta Kurora, due to this storm, there will be high waves in the sea and there may be a risk of tsunami. About two million people were ordered to evacuate in southwestern Japan ahead of a powerful storm forecast to hit the region on Sunday. People were told that this is a very dangerous storm. Because of this the winds will be so strong that some houses can be destroyed. People were asked to find a shelter or some alternative way to live. They have been told to go to a place that can withstand the worst of the weather.

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