The religious leader who used to tell himself the incarnation of Gautam Buddha, 918 people took their lives on a single gesture – न्यूज़लीड India

The religious leader who used to tell himself the incarnation of Gautam Buddha, 918 people took their lives on a single gesture

The religious leader who used to tell himself the incarnation of Gautam Buddha, 918 people took their lives on a single gesture

On November 8, 1978, 918 people took their own lives after being seduced by Jim Jones, a crazy man. Prior to the 9/11 attacks, it was the largest human loss in US history.


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Published: Sunday, January 22, 2023, 18:42 [IST]

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How big a devotee can someone be? So much so that on his one gesture, embrace death?

Today’s story is about one such religious leader who used to call himself God, not human. He had created a religion which he called ‘Cult’. He used to say that he would establish a new world where all would be equal. He used to say that if you want freedom from sorrows, you have to commit suicide. And after all, 918 people had committed suicide on the same day at the same time by coming to his words. The person behind this mass suicide was known by the name of Jim Jones.

Jim Jones was strange since childhood

Jim Jones was born in Indiana to a poor family. He was a very intelligent but strangely behaved boy. He had strong faith in religion. Although his beliefs were in charismatic Christian traditions such as Pentecostalism. When he grew up, he pulled out all his teeth and started preaching on the streets. He would give sermons on racial equality. People were drawn to his Pentecostalism, New Age spirituality, and radical social justice arguments.

Establishment of the People’s Temple

Jones helped his flourishing church Peoples Temple Named. Peoples Temple Socialism And communalism advocated. When Jones turned 30, he brought his Peoples Temple to California. Coming here, he broke away from traditional Christian teachings and started calling himself the Messiah. he claimed that he jesus And Gautam buddha He is the incarnation of such personalities. He started claiming to bring socialism in the world. Agreeing with Karl Marx, he used to say that religion is an opium, but his religion is not a religion but a cult, which makes socialism more beautiful.

How did Jim Jones become influential?

Within 5 years of coming to California, the Peoples Temple had made a tremendous impact. Fierce support for blacks brought immense popularity to Jim Jones. Angela Davis And Harvey Milk as the left-wing icon became a staunch supporter of Jim Jones and black panthers For example, the support of groups of black citizens made Jones extremely powerful. Due to the support of blacks and leftists, now Jim Jones had become very powerful politically, so it was not easy to restrain him.

Growing influence of Peoples Temple

The Peoples Temple became popular all over the world. Followers who took refuge in this temple were expected to devote themselves entirely to the utopian project of the church. That is, break ties with the family, hand over all your property to the church and live in the People’s Temple and work there. They were expected to raise their children within the commune. Not only this, members of the Peoples Temple were asked to sign a false document to prove their allegiance. It would have been written on this paper that he had molestation of children It was It is said that the church kept it for possible blackmail.

Johnstown settled in the jungles of Guyana

This was the period when the Soviet Union and the United States cold war was at its peak. No one knew when which country would attack first and everything would be destroyed. Jones himself, who claimed to be a god, feared most of all. So he took the Peoples Temple to Guyana. Here in a forest he established his People’s Temple in a vast area. he named it ‘johnstown’ kept. Now he was sure that his empire could survive even in a nuclear war, because it was a place that had no contact with the rest of the world.

Exploitation of devotees in Jonestown

The real test of the devotees began at Jonestown. Jim Jones was eccentric, his officers were equally eccentric. Exploitation of the devotees started there. Started making them work for the ashram for 10 to 11 hours a day. Banned anyone from going out of the ashram. Whoever left the ashram, Jim Jones’s special guards would catch him and torture him a lot. This struck fear in the hearts of the people. Some people also do not run away because they have small children with them in the ashram. Even meeting the children was banned by Jim Jones. They could meet their children only for an hour or two.

MPs arrived to investigate Jonestown

One day, risking their lives, a couple managed to escape from there. They reached America and told a Congressman, Leo Ryan, about the atrocities at Jonestown. He told that Jim Jones has now become a criminal eccentric. That’s why the people trapped there should be saved. After this, MP Leo Ryan decided that he himself would go to that ashram and find out why Jim Jones was doing this. On 17 November 1978, when MP Leo Ryan reached the ashram with the team, Jim Jones gave him a warm welcome. He was taken around the entire ashram.

MP’s murder at the behest of Jim Jones

The atmosphere of the ashram was normal, but seeing the faces of the people, Sasand understood that there was something black in the lentils. Jim Jones had also understood that the MP had understood the reality. On his orders, the MP and all four of his guards were killed. Although Jim had suspected that the way to come was very difficult. As soon as the news of the MP’s death reached America, the army attacked his ashram. Jim immediately picked up the mike and gathered all the people present in the ashram in a field and started giving a speech.

incited people to commit suicide

Jim Jones told the people that in no time the American army would attack the ashram and we would all be killed. It is better for all of us to take our own lives than to die at the hands of American soldiers. He said that if we die at the hands of the soldiers, no one will remember us. But, if we give our own, then history will remember us. At that time, a total of 908 followers of Jim Jones were present in the ashram and the rest were his family members. Grape juice was prepared for everyone in big pots. Then cyanide was added to it.

234 children also died

Small children who could not drink it were given this poison through injection. It is said that at that time there were 234 children in the ashram. All of them were killed. After this Jonestown mass suicide, a 45-minute audio recording came to the fore, in which Jones told people to “die with dignity, not to cry and suffer, but to lie quietly on the ground and close their eyes.” drank. He told his accomplice that he did not want to die by consuming poison. So he ordered his accomplice to shoot his head. The accomplice shot his head. Thus on 18 November 1978, a total of 918 people Gave up their lives In this way, more than 900 people lost their lives by coming under the influence of a crazy man.

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Jim Jones An apocalyptic cult, who used to call himself the incarnation of Buddha

Story first published: Sunday, January 22, 2023, 18:42 [IST]

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