‘This is called Ghor Kalyug’, Sheejan’s sister got angry on dragging religion in Tunisha case – न्यूज़लीड India

‘This is called Ghor Kalyug’, Sheejan’s sister got angry on dragging religion in Tunisha case

‘This is called Ghor Kalyug’, Sheejan’s sister got angry on dragging religion in Tunisha case

Sheejan’s sister Falak has attacked the people and the media who dragged religion into the Tunisha case. Sheejan’s sister said that perhaps this is called Ghor Kalyug.


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Published: Saturday, December 31, 2022, 20:56 [IST]

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Tunisha Sharma

TV actress Tunisha Sharma committed suicide by hanging herself on the sets of the show on December 24. Co-star and ex-boyfriend Sheezan Khan has been arrested in the case. The Tunisha suicide case is also being linked to the Hindu-Muslim angle. Along with this, allegations have been made on behalf of the actress’s mother and other family members that she had converted to Islam because of living with Sheejan. At the same time, now Sheejan’s sister Falak has attacked the media and others for linking this whole matter with religion.

Sharing a post on his Instagram, Falak wrote that it breaks our heart to hear how our silence has been mistaken for weakness. Perhaps this is what they call ‘Ghor Kali Yuga’. Along with this, Falak attacked the media regarding the whole issue. Falak said that what about the research of some media portals before writing anything? Where is the common sense of the common people.” ? All those who downvote Sheezan ask yourself on the basis of which situation are you talking, or are you talking out of hatred for any religion? Or are you influenced by past incidents talking about? Stay awake, people!

Falak said that a section of the media has stooped so low that it works only on the basis of TRPs. You are their consumer. Because the news is being filed by media organizations on the basis of unreliable sources. Falak further said that we are also noticing how religion is used to defame Sheejan. God bless Tunisha, and hope she is in a better place now.”

Falak’s statement came after Maharashtra’s Vasai court sent Sheezan Khan to judicial custody for 14 days. At the same time, after the remand was over on Saturday, the 28-year-old actor was produced in the court by the Valiv police. Here Sheejan Khan’s lawyer has said that he will file the case on Monday for the first bail.

We have applied for some certified copies,” advocate Shailendra Mishra told ANI while coming out of the Vasai court. If we get it today, that’s fine. If not, we will file the first bail application on Monday morning.

Same, the police say that Sheejan is not cooperating in the investigation. Repeatedly changing statements when asked about chats with his “secret girlfriend”. According to the chat recovered by the police, Sheejan used to talk to many other girls as well.

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Tunisha Sharma Matter sheezan khan sister Falaq Naaz slams those dragging religion

Story first published: Saturday, December 31, 2022, 20:56 [IST]

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