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Threatened to ‘clean’ France amid Ukraine war, Russia tells Emmanuel Macron two-faced

Threatened to ‘clean’ France amid Ukraine war, Russia tells Emmanuel Macron two-faced

Russia raging on France

Russia is furious about the continuous help Ukraine is getting from European countries and America and Russia has called French President Emmanuel Macron double-faced. Russia has said that the French President talks in two ways on the issue of Ukraine. At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened France to stop supplying arms to Ukraine immediately. The Kremlin has threatened Russia saying that on the one hand it is talking about dialogue, while on the other hand France is also supplying arms to Ukraine. Maria Zakhorva, spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry has said these bitter things about France. This comment of Russia against France has come at a time when France has decided to send light weight tanks to Ukraine.

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France's step irresponsible

France’s step irresponsible

Embarrassed Russia has launched one attack after another against France, saying that France’s decision to supply arms to Ukraine is surprising, but at the same time irresponsible. At the same time, Russia has said that France’s decision to supply arms to Ukraine can further increase this crisis. Russia has said that the Kremlin has handed over evidence to France that Ukraine has targeted civilians with French-supplied weapons. Russia has targeted France, saying that Macron should not become too shy, as he has become a party in the Ukraine war. Furious at France, Russia has said that it should not keep the citizens of its own country in the dark by giving wrong information.

Threats to ‘clean’ France

At the same time, there is a lot of anger among Russian nationalists about France and Anton Gerashchenko, advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, released a video on Monday, saying that because of helping Ukraine, Russian nationalists continue to attack France. are talking. This video is from the Russian state TV channel, in which Vladimir Solovyov, a well-known propagandist of Russia and an aide of Russian President Vladimir Putin, is talking about attacking France. In the video, Vladimir Solovyov is heard saying that Russia should launch a full strike on France instead of counterstrike. He said, “Macron is supplying weapons to Ukraine, so we should consider France as a party and strike it.” At the same time, Russia’s retired commander Andrey Gurlev said that if France starts harming us openly without any fear, then it is like a party in this war.

What did Macron say on Putin?

What did Macron say on Putin?

At the same time, French President Emmanuel Macron said in an interview that Russian President Vladimir Putin is not an ‘unpleasant person’. Macron was speaking to a group of ‘abnormal journalists’ on the autistic spectrum who mocked the French president for his meetings with the Russian leader. When Macron was asked about his meetings with the Russian president, he said, “When you meet him like this, it is not unpleasant and it is a contradiction.” He said, “I think there was no justification for starting a war.” Let us tell you that since the beginning of the Ukraine war, the French President has given many such statements, which have shown contradictions. He said, after the war started, that Western countries should not ‘humiliate’ the Russian President. At the same time, he had said in another statement that the bridge should not be burnt, so that when the war is over, there would be no way left for diplomacy.

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