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‘Trust people till…’, Harsh Goenka shares 5 priceless lessons learned from father


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Published: Tuesday, November 8, 2022, 19:21 [IST]

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Harsh Goenka Tweet: Veteran Indian industrialist Harsh Goenka always tweets something that is motivational. Famous business tycoons somehow manage to attract users towards themselves. Now he has shared 5 lessons he learned from his father in the latest post.

Harsh Goenka

To everyone, their parents give important lessons related to life. A father always gives life changing advice to his children, which stays with him even after years. Businessman Harsh Goenka has told about some such ways of living, which he got from his father.

5 lessons learned from father

He tweeted, “I got some valuable advice from my father: 1. Be positive and enthusiastic. 2. Trust people unless they give a reason. 3. Your happiness is your life partner’s. Depends on choice. 4. When you donate don’t announce it to the world. 5. Always be ethical and fair.”

People got emotional seeing mother's love on the road, Business Harsh Goenka shared the videoPeople got emotional seeing mother’s love on the road, Business Harsh Goenka shared the video

Users gave some such reaction

In the comment section of this tweet, users have also shared the advice they got from their parents. One user wrote – I consider my father as my guru. He taught me only one thing. The religion of Kaliyuga is true. Stay with the truth, no matter what, the universe will take care of you. Another user wrote that father is always a very valuable guide and teaches the right things. These principles help you progress and make you a person from the ground up. The road is difficult in the beginning but becomes pleasant later.

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Industrialist Harsh Goenka shares 5 priceless life lessons learned from his father

Story first published: Tuesday, November 8, 2022, 19:21 [IST]

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