Uunchai Success: Neena Gupta told Suraj Barjatya God, revealed the secrets of success of ‘Unchai’, Exclusive – न्यूज़लीड India

Uunchai Success: Neena Gupta told Suraj Barjatya God, revealed the secrets of success of ‘Unchai’, Exclusive

‘Rajshree Production knows the pulse of the people’

Actress Neena Gupta’s seductive style is also being liked by the people in this film which has created a new definition of friendship. Neena Gupta recently spoke exclusively to OneIndia about this film and introduced the audience to interesting things related to this film. He said that ‘the reason for the success of this film is that Rajshri production people probably know the pulse of the people, they know very well what people will like and what will not.’

'The family values ​​are worth appreciating'

‘The family values ​​are worth appreciating’

Second thing ‘I would like to say that those people (Rajshree Production) live in a joint family. There is mutual love, respect and cooperation in their family. Everyone there respects each other. The composition of their family, the harmony they live together even today, that is their identity and I think all of that has an impact on their work and that is why their work should be such that a family likes it. In fact, we had such feelings while working that we are working with a family like this. In a way, his family values ​​are worth appreciating and I think that’s why people are liking this film.

'At this time my God is Suraj ji'

‘At this time my God is Suraj ji’

Talking about the praise she is getting for Neena Gupta’s character in the film, the actress said, ‘I would say it is only God’s grace that continues and at this point of time, my God is Sooraj ji, who gave me the opportunity to do this. Be a part of the movie I am very happy, I am getting many good messages and calls, to be honest, this is a historic moment because after so many days a film is being liked by people, who forgot to go to the theatre, they Now going to the movie hall with the family. I am grateful for this.

  'I still can't believe it'

‘I still can’t believe it’

After this Neena Gupta laughingly said that ‘to tell the truth, I still can’t believe that I have achieved ‘height’. There was a time when we used to go round his office. I felt at that time that we are not going to get anything here because they work with stars.

‘I was flying when the role was being told’

Nina Gupta further said that ‘I could not believe it when Sooraj ji called me for the film ‘Unchai’. If he had given me the role of standing, I would have done that too, but the role was so good, the story was so good, I was flying when he was telling the role.’ Significantly, in Neena Gupta’s career of forty years, this is her first Rajshree Production film.

Uunchai's USP is not the big actors but the script', Sarika said something special for Sooraj Barjatya', ExclusiveUunchai’s USP is not the big actors but the script’, Sarika said something special for Sooraj Barjatya’, Exclusive

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