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Unknown girl had to make Facebook friend expensive, you too should not make such a mistake


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Published: Tuesday, November 8, 2022, 11:41 [IST]

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Facebook Small things are not taken care of by the people running and these things become trouble for them. One such case has come from Shivpur police station area of ​​Varanasi district. It was costly for a youth resident of Shivpur to make an unknown girl a Facebook friend. During the chatting, the young woman started blackmailing the young man by getting entangled in sweet talk. A complaint has been made to the police by the troubled youth. Based on the complaint, the police is investigating.

facebook friend

chatting on messenger
Giving a complaint to the police, the victim, who lives in Chhatripur area of ​​Shivpur police station area, told that a few days ago a girl named Ruhi had sent her a request for friendship on Facebook. After the notification came on Facebook, the victim accepted his friendship. After the friendship was accepted, Ruhi started messaging the victim continuously. During this, both used to chat on Messenger. Gradually the young man was trapped in his net by the girl. The youth alleged that after that his photos and videos were edited to make them obscene. Attempts were made by the girl to blackmail him by sending edited videos and photos.

Sending video to relatives and acquaintances
It was also told by the youth that after sending the edited photo and video, the girl demanded money. And in case of non-payment of money, the same edited photos and videos are being shared alternately on the number of people whose numbers have been saved in the contact list of the victim. The young man got very upset by the incident and after not seeing any way, he reached the police. Police say that this is the handiwork of some cyber fraudster and investigation is going on in the matter.

video facebook

cheating even by making whatsapp video call
People are being cheated continuously by offering to have online sex by making video calls. In such a situation, a video call is made on WhatsApp by a woman who has DP of girls on WhatsApp. Caller woman asked to have sex online while talking colorfully. The person in front slowly gets caught in their words and takes off clothes in front of them on a video call. The entire matter is recorded by the caller. After that the call is disconnected and the video is sent on WhatsApp and money is demanded. A retired officer was similarly targeted by thugs at Shivpur in Varanasi district and over Rs 6 lakh was taken away. Exhausted, the officer complained to the police. Police is still investigating in this matter.

Complaint immediately after being a victim of fraud
The rapidly increasing online fraud cases are being taken seriously by the police. If a person living in any corner of the country is cheated online in any way, then they can immediately dial 1930 and complain about it. Refunds can also be made on making a complaint immediately. Apart from this, people living in Varanasi can also make a complaint immediately by calling the cyber cell number 7839856954 of Varanasi Commissionerate.

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unknown girl make Facebook friend in Varanasi

Story first published: Tuesday, November 8, 2022, 11:41 [IST]

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