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US Flights Grounded: Which technical fault stopped the speed of US planes?

US Flights Grounded: Which technical fault stopped the speed of US planes?

More than 4,000 flights were affected due to a glitch in the US flight system, and millions of passengers were inconvenienced.


Lekhaka-Shubhangi Gupta

Published: Thursday, January 12, 2023, 18:16 [IST]

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what technical glitch that causes US flights grounded due to major system outage

US Flights Grounded: The beginning of January 12 was like a ‘nightmare’ for thousands of passengers traveling by air in America. More than 4,000 flights were affected due to a glitch in the domestic flight system (NOTAMs) of the country with the world’s most powerful and largest airspace. Of these, 3,700 flights were able to take off after a delay of several hours. At the same time, more than 600 flights had to be cancelled. Due to this flaw in the American flight system, the speed of America stopped for a few hours. Passengers were seen upset at the airports, there was chaos.

According to data from American Flight System, a total of 21,000 domestic flights were scheduled. At the same time, 1,840 international flights were scheduled for international flights. According to US time, at around 5:30 in the morning, there was a malfunction in the computer system reporting the flight system, due to which hundreds of aircraft were unable to take off.

thousands of flights affected

At first, the air passengers thought that there was a problem at the airport, but it was soon learned that this problem was in the whole of America. Due to this technical problem, American airspace became without aircraft. As a precaution, the movement of thousands of domestic and international aircraft was stopped.

According to Flight Aware, a company that tracks US flight systems, about 3,700 flights delayed take-off due to this technical problem. At the same time, more than 600 flights were canceled due to which the passengers had to face a lot of problems. However, now the operations of the planes have become normal.

What are NOTAMs?

The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), an organization that tracks American flight operations, said that there was a flaw in the air traffic control system NOTAMs (Notice to Air Missions), due to which there was a problem in the flight operation. Let us tell you that NOTAMs are a coded communication system, with the help of which the pilots and the flight operating crew keep getting information related to the flight.

Through NOTAMs, the pilot is informed that when the aircraft has to take-off and from which runway to take-off? Due to the problem in the system, the planes could not take-off at all the airports. However, flights that had already taken off or were in the air were not affected due to the technical glitch. Engineers fixed the problem in this coded communication system in about 3:30 hours, after which flight operations could resume.

Conspiracy of cyber criminals ie hackers?

After the malfunction in the American flight system, it was being suspected that cyber criminals ie hackers had made a dent in it, due to which the flight operation has been affected. However, later the FAA issued a statement saying that it did not find any evidence of cyberattacks. US President Joe Biden has asked to investigate the fault in the system.

After the halt of the airline, the shares of all the airlines of America fell, due to which huge losses are being expected for these companies. There are also reports that this could be a big conspiracy, due to which an attempt was made to hurt America’s economy.

In the last few years, many incidents of cyber attacks have come to the fore in the system of air traffic control. According to the European Air Traffic Management Computer Emergency Response Team (EATM-CERT), 52 cyber attacks were carried out on flight systems in the year 2020. At the same time, a total of 48 cyber attacks were carried out in 2021, while by August 2022, more than 50 cyber attacks were carried out.

Last year, there was a major cyber attack on the Indian airline company Akasa Air, due to which personal data of passengers was leaked. Apart from this, incidents of cyber attack on Philippines Air, American Airlines companies have also come to the fore.

Indian flights also affected?

The Indian air traffic control body DGCA said on the problem in the American flight system that due to this there has been no impact on the flights going from India to America. However, the DGCA is in constant touch with the FAA regarding the problem in the US air system. Currently, all flight operations are normal.

Flights have been canceled earlier also due to technical issues.

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In the past too, flights have been affected many times due to technical issues in India and other countries. However, this is the first time that such a huge technical flaw has been noticed. Last year, flight operations at Hyderabad airport were affected due to a technical glitch in a flight going to Gondia in Maharashtra. In this, there was a technical problem in one of the flights. There was no fault in the airport’s system.

Last year, Alliance Air flight 91501 could not take off due to a technical problem in the flight. The airline had to refund the entire money of the passengers. After the technical problem, the flight was taken to the isolated location of the airport, where the engineers examined it. This case was also of a fault in the flight. Due to the problem in the flight, the aviation services are affected every day. This was the first case in which the computer system of flight operations had such a major fault and flights across the country were affected.

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what technical glitch that causes US flights grounded due to major system outage

Story first published: Thursday, January 12, 2023, 18:16 [IST]

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