VIDEO: ‘Newton will also beat his head after seeing these 9 boys’ Anti Gravity Gang showed amazing performance – न्यूज़लीड India

VIDEO: ‘Newton will also beat his head after seeing these 9 boys’ Anti Gravity Gang showed amazing performance

Challenge the principles of science!

The team of youths seen making the front lever pyramid is surprising the people. Alam is that the video has got more than 6 million likes and 50 million plus views. Many people who believe in the principles of science are surprised to see this video. He says that what is seen in the video, how can this be possible?

impossible is Nothing

impossible is Nothing

This team of fitness freak boys has proved with their practice that nothing is impossible if a person is determined. Actually many videos with fitness tips are quite popular on the internet. When these boys recorded the physical activity and posted the video on the internet, people liked it a lot.

9 Men's Team Show Calisthenics

9 Men’s Team Show Calisthenics

The video of Anti Gravity Gang is going viral on social media. In the video, 9 men can be seen practicing Calisthenics together. Calisthenics is an exercise aimed at increasing strength.

over 63 million likes

over 63 million likes

An Instagram user named Adam Morsel posted this video. He wrote ‘9 Man Front Lever Pyramid.’ Those watching the video are also making interesting comments. This video posted 12 days ago is creating panic on the internet. Instagram users are also commenting fiercely on this video with more than 63 million views.

Never give up on solidarity...

Never give up on solidarity…

Whoever saw the video, praised the youth’s resolve and team spirit. One user wrote after watching the video, the truth is that no one in this team gave up. It explains that solidarity can be an example of never giving up.

anti gravity gang

anti gravity gang

An Instagram user saw the Calisthenics practice of a team of 9 people and said, ‘This is the most gangster thing I have not seen till date. Another dubbed the team an ‘anti-gravity gang’. Let us tell you that viral videos get a lot of headlines on the internet, due to which people doing something unique also get a lot of popularity.

Watch the viral video below–

gymnastics on the street lamp

A few days back, a woman was seen doing gymnastics on a street lamp. In the video clip, the woman can be seen climbing a street light post as if it was her daily chore to climb a street light pole.

Watch the viral video below–

smiling woman as she gracefully descends

The woman who finished the video on the pull up bar also did pull ups 10 or more times. After completing her exercise, when the smiling woman came down gracefully, people praised her a lot. The video of this woman has also been viewed more than 9 lakh times on the Internet. Thousands can’t stop admiring the prowess of social media.

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