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Video: US President Joe Biden fell from a bicycle, Donald Trump had fun with golf shots

Joe Biden fell from the bicycle

In a video from the White House Pool Report, 79-year-old US President Joe Biden is seen riding a bicycle and Joe Biden collapses shortly after stopping. During this, the sound of ‘I am fine’ comes out of his mouth. According to the report, US President Joe Biden was cycling with several other people near a park in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, during which his wife Jill Biden was also present there. According to the report, when the President was getting down from the cycle, he lost his balance and fell from the cycle while removing his legs from the cycle.

Donald Trump having fun

At the same time, the video of Joe Biden falling from the bicycle is becoming increasingly viral on social media and there has been a flood of memes. At the same time, former US President Donald Trump has also posted a video on his social media. A video of American journalist Benny Johnson has been posted on social media Twitter and it is written that, Donald Trump has given his reaction to the fall of President Joe Biden from the bicycle. He has shared Donald Trump’s social media post on Twitter. In the video that has been posted, Donald Trump is seen playing golf and he makes a shot, which hits the golf ball directly on President Biden’s bicycle and he falls.

Donald Trump showers on Biden

Donald Trump has been very angry with Joe Biden since the last presidential election and has called him an incompetent president of the country. When Russia attacked Ukraine, Donald Trump said at that time, that the problem is not that President Putin is smart, but the problem is that our leaders are stupid. He alleged among party supporters that ‘everyone knows that this terrible devastation would never have happened had our elections not been rigged’. He said that NATO wanted to attack Russia with sanctions rather than “to destroy (Russia) to pieces … at least psychologically.” ‘The problem is not that Putin is smart, of course he is smart,’ he said. ‘But the real problem is that our leaders are so stupid.’ During this, Trump called Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky ‘a brave man’.

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