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Virat Kohli B’day: Played against Pakistan in 3 years of ups and downs till ‘Divine Inning’

Completely silent after scoring a century against Bangladesh in 2019

He was completely silent after scoring a century against Bangladesh in November 2019 but even before that he stopped scoring big scores. Actually, when the Indian cricket team went to the 2019 World Cup with a big name and status. He played brilliantly in the league matches but suffered a heart-wrenching defeat against New Zealand in the semi-finals. Two things happened after this – former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni did not appear in international cricket and the then India captain Virat Kohli’s bat stopped scoring runs in a way that had left his mark all over the world.

Closed doors also closed the doors of Kohli's runs

Closed doors also closed the doors of Kohli’s runs

Virat was captaining in all three formats and was playing continuously. Its effect on his performance was visible later. Even then he could not be said to be in bad form but he was not able to play big innings either. The corona period can also be considered one of the reasons for Virat Kohli’s bat to calm down after his century against Bangladesh in 2019. This pandemic engulfed the whole world and its effect was also visible on the continuity of Virat Kohli. Players who live a larger-than-life style like Virat Kohli have gone beyond the limelight available on the field and could not enjoy the cricket being played behind closed doors. There was such a time when Virat Kohli really went through a bad phase and the series of centuries was completely stopped, no one even knew when it would break. In every series, Virat Kohli was expected to do something this time but could not do so.

Then the captaincy was snatched from all the three formats

Then the captaincy was snatched from all the three formats

This was also the time when the bio bubble made a wrong impression on all the cricketers of the world. Bubble was very important for his physical health but his mental health was getting worse and worse. Kohli also played cricket under a lot of pressure and the Indian team’s defeat in the T20 World Cup 2021 made the situation worse for Virat. He had already spoken about bidding farewell to the captaincy from the T20 format before this tournament, but the way India got out, after that everyone took the resignation of Virat Kohli. Things didn’t stop there as he also reportedly had a rift with the BCCI later. Somewhere it seemed that the then BCCI chief Sourav Ganguly and Virat were not on the same page. Due to which a decision was also taken by the selection committee to snatch the ODI captaincy from Virat Kohli.

  Somewhere in search of myself again

Somewhere in search of myself again

Now Virat was left with the captaincy of his favorite format Test and it was expected that Virat would play a very long captaincy innings in the longest format of cricket, but as soon as India went on the tour of South Africa and lost, Virat left his command from the Test as well. decided to It was clear now that Virat wanted to do something amazing with his bat instead of falling in the trap of captaincy. But was it that easy?

Even after this, Virat’s bat did not continue to score runs silently and the cricket corridors started worrying about Virat. There were many admirers among many critics of Virat who believed that this master player would make his comeback in a tremendous way. Virat Kohli had started paying more attention to his mental health due to which he took a 1-month break after going on the tour of England after IPL 2022 and was seen hanging out with family. He also admitted that he was rediscovering himself somewhere and when he returned after a month, there was a different level of maturity and calmness in him.

And the result was another great innings of all time in Indian cricket history.

And the result was another great innings of all time in Indian cricket history.

Virat admitted that he had been battling with his mind for some time and was also making some kind of pretense about his aggressive style. But the acceptance of truth and the time with family gave Virat Kohli the freshness that was reflected in the Asia Cup. The player, who held the bat in his hand for a month, appeared to be scoring runs in a different style in the Asia Cup, but this was just the beginning of Virat’s form, whose peak was seen in the match against Afghanistan when Virat Kohli scored 1020 days. He later scored his first century in international cricket. It was the 71st century of his career. Virat said that he did not even imagine that this century would come in the T20 format. After this century, Virat Kohli comes to the World Cup and gives such an innings against Pakistan, on which people get the hand of the upper one. Australia also termed this innings as a divine innings, which is an innings that will always be remembered in Indian cricket history. We remember Kapil Dev’s innings against Zimbabwe in the 1983 World Cup. Recalls the innings played by Sachin Tendulkar in Sharjah against Australia in the 90s. We remember VVS Laxman’s 281 against Australia in the Kolkata Test and the recent unbeaten innings played by Rishabh Pant against Australia at the Gabba in Brisbane. Virat Kohli’s latest innings has a very special place in all these great innings. The manner in which he turned the match was a matter of T20 and so far the best Indian innings that we have mentioned was played in all the Test or ODI formats. Virat scored an unbeaten 82 against Pakistan and his two sixes hit on Haris Rauf is the best story of this World Cup.

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