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What are citizens doing upset with China’s zero-covid policy?

What are citizens doing upset with China’s zero-covid policy?


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Updated: Friday, November 25, 2022, 18:16 [IST]

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The people of China are troubled to the extent of despair due to the continuous lockdown and economic problems for the last almost three years, but there is no end in sight to China’s zero-covid strategy.

Despite all the efforts of the authorities to eliminate the virus, there has been a surge in new cases of Kovid in recent weeks. In the last 24 hours, there has been a record increase in the cases of Kovid every day.

On Thursday, more than 31 thousand new cases of Kovid have been reported across the country, which is the largest number since the beginning of this epidemic. Lakhs of people are imprisoned in their homes in many cities.

Businesses have been ordered to ask their employees to work from home while parks and museums have been closed.

Officials in Beijing say that the people of the capital are currently facing the most dangerous phase of Kovid. According to officials, new rules need to be made for people coming to China from other countries to stay in their homes and make the Kovid test mandatory for three days.

Videos obtained from social media and some eyewitnesses show that workers’ protests at the world’s biggest iPhone maker factory were violently suppressed on Wednesday. These people were protesting against the working conditions becoming difficult due to strict rules.

Protesting in China is dangerous

About 20 million people live in the city of Guangzhou, located in the southern region of China. This city is currently most affected by the outbreak of coronavirus. Lakhs of people have been imprisoned here after sporadic protests.

Looking at the videos posted on social media, it seems how upset and disappointed the people living here are. In the videos, people can be seen running, jumping over barriers and fighting with uniformed health workers on the streets of Haizhou district.

A resident of the city of Guangzhou told DW on condition of anonymity that although the city-wide lockdown has not been imposed, people have been troubled by the many restrictions imposed on waiting in lines for testing and going to public places.

He said, “Many times the test reports do not come on time and in such a situation you come out of the green health code for a few hours. Certainly all these people are worried.”

If the people of China are protesting publicly, then the seriousness of the situation can be easily understood.

Yaqi Wang, senior China researcher at Human Rights Watch, told DW that the clashes between local officials and citizens in Guangzhou were a “last resort” of resistance.

She says, “Resistance comes at a high price in China, and in Guangzhou, there are many disheartened citizens, migrant workers who have found survival difficult due to the lockdown. I believe that the Chinese people are raising the flag of resistance only as a last resort.” raise. They know how costly resistance can prove to be for them.”

China has no far-reaching policy in the matter of Kovid

Earlier this month, Chinese authorities eased epidemic control measures, including reducing the quarantine period for travelers arriving from outside and stopping mass Covid testing in several cities. Despite this relaxation, the lockdown continued in many cities.

covid test in shanghai

Shi Chen, professor of health policy at the Yale School of Public Health, says that in view of the increasing cases of Kovid, it will be very difficult for the authorities to make a nationwide coordination policy.

He says, “This wave of Kovid will soon exceed the level of infection that was at the time of the lockdown in Shanghai earlier this year. However, after three years of mass testing, quarantine and a slowing economy, local The financial situation has worsened significantly, due to which it has become more difficult to form a coordinated strategy.

He further says, “In the coming weeks, China may take some tough measures to deal with this crisis.”

Chen says that Chinese authorities still do not have a long-term strategy to deal with the problem of coronavirus, and despite the success of the initial efforts to fight the virus, it has not been paid any attention.

According to him, “Long-term dependence on short-term measures of Kovid control threatens the failure of the strategy to get out of this threat. The entire focus is now on how to stop the virus infection from increasing with measures like PCR testing and quarantine. Go.”

Whereas for long-term measures, along with the creation of more effective vaccines and antiviral drugs, it is necessary to prepare the health system and create better coordination with the public. Chen says that continuing with “draconian Covid control measures” across the country also risks fracturing society.

human impact of lockdown

Apart from the disruption in daily life, another alarming impact of these lockdowns has been on medical care.

Last week, the death of a four-month-old baby in the city of Zhengzhou sparked an uproar on social media. This girl could not get proper treatment during the quarantine due to which she died.

Another such incident happened recently when a three-year-old child died of carbon monoxide poisoning in Lanzhou city because he could not be taken to the hospital in time due to government restrictions.

health workers patrolling shanghai

According to local government reports, the child’s father tried to call the hotline four times and when he finally got through he replied that since the family lived in a “high risk zone” they could only get medical help or counseling online Could.

Wang, who is associated with Human Rights Watch, says, “Some people died because they had no system of treatment, while others died due to lack of food or other essential things.”

She says that the pandemic has had a far-reaching impact on human rights. According to him, “Although the government’s efforts to contain the epidemic will have long-lasting effects on the people of China, it does not mean that the resistance against the disorder will also continue.

The Chinese government has destroyed all the social bases like gathering of people, forming organizations to such an extent that they have no way of resistance left. Even if there is widespread resentment against the government, these people will not be able to come together to protest.”

Report: William Yang

Source: DW

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