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What has Elon Musk done now, #RIPTwitter started trending

Musk fired 50 percent of the people within a month

Within a month, 50 per cent people have been fired. A meeting was being held in Twitter’s office on Thursday. Elon Musk was speaking in the meeting but no employee was there to listen. The surprising thing is that in the middle of the meeting, many employees left the meeting and went out of the office. Explain that those who are left in Twitter have been given 36 hours to decide whether they want to stay with Twitter or not.

Furious employees said bad things about Elon Musk

Furious employees said bad things about Elon Musk

Twitter has temporarily closed many of its offices amid continuous resignations. #RIPTwitter, #TwitterDown, Mastodon and Myspace are trending on Twitter after Elon Musk became the owner. Musk has been trolled fiercely by an angry employee on the wall of Twitter’s headquarters in America. Employees are calling Musk the supreme parasite, dictator, rich man who does not follow the rules, money worm and two-penny rich man.

Elon Musk shares picture of 'Twitter's grave'

Elon Musk shares picture of ‘Twitter’s grave’

Musk himself also shared a mimes in which you can see ‘Twitter’s grave’. Microblogging platform Twitter is flooded with emotional messages from employees who have left it. As soon as the deadline for this ultimatum expired, many employees started posting salute emoji on Twitter. Many executives who have left the company say that a large number of staff have left Twitter. It is being said that at present there is no one to handle Twitter.

#RIPTwitter is top trending on social media

#RIPTwitter is top trending on social media

In India, the company had fired 90 percent of its employees. According to Business Insider, since less than 50% of the roughly 4,000 remaining employees “agreed to work on Twitter 2.0,” most of them quit because of the terms of Elon Musk’s ultimatum. #RIPTwitter is top trending on media.As per ‘BBC’ report, Twitter offices will reopen from 21st November.

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