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What is doomsday clock and how does it work?

What is doomsday clock and how does it work?


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Updated: Thursday, January 26, 2023, 10:19 [IST]

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On January 25, the ‘doomsday clock’ slipped another ten seconds and 90 seconds remained for the last time i.e. 12 o’clock. After this, the Russian government issued a warning saying that efforts should be made to prevent nuclear war.

Nuclear scientists have changed the time of this doomsday clock. Actually it is a symbolic clock, which shows how far the human race is from its total destruction. The time of 12 o’clock in the night is a symbol of the time when holocaust will happen and life will be destroyed. On January 25, this time was only one and a half minutes away.

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These threats of holocaust can arise from political tensions, weapons, technology, climate change and epidemic etc. Scientists study how big and serious the danger is at a particular time and on that basis only the time of the clock is changed.

How does the clock work?

This watch has been made by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, a philanthropic organization working from Chicago, USA. This organization annually assesses the threats to life on earth and changes the time of the clock accordingly.

A group of scientists and other experts conduct studies to assess the hazards. Apart from 13 Nobel Prize winners, these experts also include nuclear technology and climate change experts. These people together decide how much time should be on the clock.

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This watch was made in 1947. Among the scientists who made this clock together, apart from Albert Einstein, who was counted among the greatest scientists of all time, was the scientist who worked in the Manhattan Project and made the world’s first atomic bomb. The bombs made in this project were dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

What time is it on the clock now?

The time of the clock was changed on January 25, when it was 11.58.30 in the night. Means 90 seconds were left for 12 o’clock. This is the closest time ever to 12 o’clock. Before this, the closest happened in 2020 when there was 100 seconds left in 12 o’clock.

doomsday clock in 1991

The new date has been changed keeping in mind the threat of a nuclear war caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Although scientists have said that the Ukraine war is a factor in changing the time of the clock and it is not the only reason.

When this vertical was made 75 years ago, the first time was kept at 11.53.00, that means man was seven minutes away from the holocaust. However, later this period was increased and in 1991 it was the highest since the end of the Cold War, when there were 17 minutes left in 12 o’clock. Then there was a Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty between America and Russia. Under this agreement, both the biggest nuclear powers had agreed to eliminate their nuclear weapons.

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