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When a person will face-to-face with his digital lookalike



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Updated: Saturday, June 18, 2022, 17:20 [IST]

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digital twins

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digital twins

Sometime or the other, a friend must have told you that he had found a person with the same type of appearance as you. Is he your twin brother? But assuming you can make your own twin, what if? Absolutely your copy. But those who are not organic have lived a digital life.

In fact, we live in a world where everything that exists in the real world is being molded digitally. Our cities, cars, homes and even ourselves are digitally present.

And just as there is a lot of talk about the metaverse (a virtual, digital world where your avatar will be moving) and so on, digital twins have also become a new tech trend.

Digital Twin or Digital Twin will be a true-to-life copy of the real world. But it will have a mission. It will improve real-world life or someone will give it feedback so that it can be improved.

In the beginning, such twins were just a collection of state-of-the-art 3D computer models. They used to have Internet of Things (they use sensors to connect physical things).

This means that you can digitally create something that is constantly learning from the original and helping to improve it.

Man’s digital twin will soon be ready

Technology analyst Rob Andrelle believes that before the end of this decade, humans will soon have a digital twin, who can think.

“But a lot of thought is needed before bringing these things to the fore,” he says. There will also be questions of ethics attached to it. For example, our digital twin capable of thinking can prove to be very useful for the employers. ,

Pretend your company to be your digital twin and say, “Listen, your digital twin exists.” We don’t even have to pay it. Then why should we hire you? ,

Andrele says ownership of the digital twin will become a big question in the age of the metaverse to come. For example, on Horizon Worlds, the virtual reality platform of Meta (formerly Facebook), you will be able to give your avatar your look, but you will not be able to provide this leg because the technology related to it is still in its early stages.

Difficult road but high hopes

Professor Sandra Wachter, Senior Research Fellow in Artificial Intelligence at Oxford University, says of the growing interest in digital twins, “It reminds you of exciting science fiction.” But at the moment it exists only at the level of imagination. ,

“Will one be successful in law school,” she says. Will fall ill or will commit a crime. What will happen in someone’s life will depend on the nature and upbringing of the people. This is a matter of debate.

How people’s life will be will depend on their good and bad luck, friends, family, their socio-economic background, environment and their personal preference.

She says, “Artificial intelligence is not yet mature enough to predict the events of people’s lives in advance. Because there are many complications associated with them.

So we still have a long way to go in the direction of creating a digital twin. This is not possible until we understand and model the life of people from beginning to end. In this also we have to get an idea of ​​what can happen in the personal life of the people.

Therefore, the work of creating a digital twin is being done in the most and best way only in product designing, distribution and urban planning. Take for example the case of Formula One racing. McLaren and Red Bull teams use the digital twin of their racing cars.

Veteran delivery company DHL is preparing a digital map of its warehouses and supply chain so that it can further improve its operations.

Currently, our cities are rapidly transforming into a digital world. Shanghai and Singapore are the digital twins of both the cities. They are designed to improve the design and operation of buildings, transport systems and streets.

One of the functions of Digital Twin in Singapore is to help people make their way and change their way as they pass through pollution-ridden places. Elsewhere, this technology will be used to communicate new infrastructure like underground lines. New cities are being built in the countries of the Middle East, both in the real world and in the digital world.

digital twins

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digital twins

French software company Dassault Systems says there are thousands of companies showing interest in digital twin technology. This company is also working in this direction and has helped a hair care company to digitally design longer lasting shampoo bottles through digital twin technology. No actual prototypes were made for this. All the work is done digitally. That is, from this the raw material used in this experiment was saved.

This company is also helping other companies to design their futuristic projects. These range from jetpacks to motorbikes that have floating wheels. Help is being prepared to make such cars, which can fly. Everyone’s physical prototype has also been made, but early models are being made in the digital space.

digital twins

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digital twins

Importance of Digital Twins in Healthcare Sector

But the greatest importance of digital twins is being seen in the healthcare sector. Dassault’s Living Heart Project has created a very accurate virtual model of the human heart. It can be tested and analyzed. It also gives ease of use to the heart surgeon. Surgeons can visualize different situations and use a variety of procedures through medical devices.

This project was the vision of Dr. Steve Levine. He had a personal reason behind creating the digital twin. His daughter had heart problems from the time she was born. When she was in her late second decade of age and was battling the risk of heart failure, they decided to virtually make her heart.

Boston Children’s Hospital now uses this technology to map the heart conditions of real heart patients, while a team of engineers at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London is working with clinic workers on a similar device to be used for the test. Which can help with rare heart diseases in children.

Severin Troile, director of global affairs in Dassault, says that one of the advantages of using the digital heart is that it avoids experimenting on animals. The use of animals for scientific experimentation has been a controversial aspect. Now this company is planning to make more organ twins. These include the human eye and brain.

“We all will have a digital twin at some point or another so that you can go to the doctor and make medicines to prevent disease faster,” she says. Also ensure that every treatment is personalized.

Digital Twin Technology’s most ambitious project

This technology has an even more ambitious project. Under this, a plan is being made that the digital version of the whole world should be made. American software firm Nvidia runs a platform called Omniverse. It is designed to create virtual worlds and digital twins.

One of its most ambitious projects is to replicate the Earth in a digital world.

It is being called Earth-2 i.e. Prithvi-2. Deep learning models and neural networks will be used in this to create an environment similar to Earth’s environment in digital space and provide solutions to the problem of climate change.

In March this year, the European Commission, together with the European Space Agency and some other organizations, announced that they would create a digital twin of the Earth. It was called Destination Earth.

These organizations hope that by the end of 2024, they will have enough data from real-world conditions and simulations to create a digital twin that can focus on dealing with natural disasters such as floods, droughts and heatwaves and earthquakes. By sensing situations like volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, countries can be helped to deal with such problems which are constantly battling it.

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