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When Salman Khan was publicly slapped, the ground slipped under the feet of the fans

Salman attended the party

Wherever Salman Khan goes, he robs accolades. Bhaijaan does not take part in any show or concert quickly due to his popularity. But once it happened, when Salman Khan attended a party and here a girl slapped Salman in public.

Publicly slapped 'Bhaijaan'

Publicly slapped ‘Bhaijaan’

The talk is in the year 2009, when Salman Khan was partying with other Bollywood stars in a five star hotel. To say that Salman’s party was private, but the daughter of a builder had also entered this party. It is said that this girl was drunk and when Salman Khan tried to explain it, she slapped Salman Khan.

Actors remain in the limelight

Actors remain in the limelight

Salman Khan always remains in the headlines. Then whether it is about any of his films, or any incident related to his life. Even in the hit and run case, Salman remained in the headlines. But often tales are heard only about Salman’s anger. Such things are heard that Bhaijaan himself has reprimanded or killed someone in anger.

Fans were shocked

fans were shocked

In such a situation, everyone was stunned to hear the news of a girl slapping Salman Khan. This news about Salman Khan spread rapidly on social media. The fans of the actor were also very shocked at that time that how could someone enter a private party and slap Bhaijaan like this.

This matter was in the headlines

This matter was in the headlines

Well .. this matter about Bhaijaan was in a lot of headlines at that time. However, it is still mentioned among the fans. Talking about the actor, people’s craze for Bhaijaan speaks loudly. There is no need to prove how popular Salman Khan is among fans.

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Can give surprise on birthday

can give surprise on birthday

On the work front, Salman Khan is currently hosting Colors TV’s reality show Bigg Boss. This is the 16th season of Bigg Boss, which is being hosted by Salman Khan. Apart from this, fans are quite excited about Salman Khan’s birthday on 27 December. According to sources, Salman Khan can give a big surprise to the fans on his birthday.

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