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Who is Moinuddin, who started floriculture by leaving advocacy, turnover in lakhs

Who is Moinuddin, who started floriculture by leaving advocacy, turnover in lakhs

who is moinuddin

Moinuddin hails from Defdar Purwa village in Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh. After passing LLB from Lucknow, Moinuddin did not mind advocacy. So he left the practice of law in Beam and came to his ancestral village. Moinuddin left the traditional farming here and started floriculture. According to Moinuddin, he had initially started the cultivation of gladiolus flowers. Gladiolus is an exotic flower, which he planted in one bigha. The good profits from this also drew the attention of other farmers towards this farming.

Good income boosted farmers' morale

Good income boosted farmers’ morale

Taking advice and guidance from Moinuddin, some farmers of the village also tried their hand in this farming and good income encouraged them. Today the situation is such that most of the farmers of the village have started cultivating flowers, due to which this village is also known as flower farming village. Let us inform that Moinuddin did not stop here, he got the first poly house in UP in 2009 for the cultivation of the exotic flower Gerbera of Holland by taking government subsidy from the Horticulture Department. Today they are getting very good profits in this farming.

90 lakhs annual turnover

90 lakhs annual turnover

The annual turnover of this poly house and 50 bighas of gladiolus floriculture, built on an acre of Moinuddin, is around 90 lakhs. According to reports, Indian Railways has made a special 10-minute stoppage of the train at Fatehpur railway station to transport Moinuddin’s flowers to Delhi, so that along with them, the flowers of other farmers of the village can also reach Delhi. At the same time, after getting success from floriculture, he has also set up a cold storage with the help of grant from the state government.

That's how big profits happen

That’s how big profits happen

According to Moinuddin, the cultivation of gladiolus flowers was started from one bigha, in which the cost came to about 40 thousand rupees. These flowers occur only once in a year and are ready in 5 months. Told that the profit was doubled in the cultivation of this flower. The same, the cost of setting up a gerbera poly house in one bigha comes to about Rs 15 lakh, in which half the money is returned as subsidy. Gerbera flowers come out throughout the year and a bigha yields about 5 lakhs in a year.

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