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Who is the new head of Al Qaeda after Zawahiri’s death? America Confuse 6 Months After Death

Who is the new head of Al Qaeda after Zawahiri’s death?  America Confuse 6 Months After Death

US official on Zawahiri’s death

On July 31 last year, the US had claimed Ayman al-Zawahiri, the mastermind of the 9/11 attack on America, that he had been killed in a drone strike. At the same time, on the question of who is Al-Zawahiri’s successor in Al-Qaeda, Christine Abizaid, director of the US National Counter Terrorism Center, said on Tuesday, “The question for Al-Qaeda is that it itself has not answered who.” After (Zawahiri) will be its head.” Speaking at an event in Washington, this statement of American officer Christine is quite shocking. At the same time, the European Foundation for South Asian Studies (EFSAS) report states that Zawahiri, a key conspirator of 9/11, was reported to be living in Pakistan and moved to Kabul when the Taliban took over Afghanistan. had returned It was said in the report that Ayman al-Zawahiri was probably under the protection of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI.

Claims about Zawahiri's successor

Claims about Zawahiri’s successor

Although there have been many claims about Zawahiri’s successor, the most prominent claim is that of Saif al-Adel, a former Egyptian military officer. Saif al-Adel is considered very mysterious and he has been posted at the top position of Al-Qaeda for a long time, so experts monitoring the activities of Al-Qaeda believe that Saif al-Adel can be the new head of Al-Qaeda. . At the same time, Reuters report states that the US has announced a reward of up to USD 10 million to those who give information about his arrest. At the same time, American official Christine Abizaid said that because of these terrorists, America has faced an unpredictable environment, so America should be cautious about terrorist organizations like Islamic State and Al Qaeda.

Rapidly spreading online bigotry

Rapidly spreading online bigotry

The US official said, “Now the online environment is such that the most radicalization is spreading.” The US official’s remarks came at a time when in November last year, the US Department of Homeland Security had expressed apprehension that the US would remain under threat in the coming months. The Department of Homeland had said that lone criminals and groups of criminals motivated by multiple ideologies pose a threat. Earlier in December 2022, Al Qaeda released a 35-minute video of its slain leader Al-Zawahiri, which had no date and through that video, Al Qaeda claimed that Zawahiri narrated the recording.

Pakistan got Zawahiri killed?

Pakistan got Zawahiri killed?

At the same time, the possibility of Pakistan’s hand in Al-Zawahiri’s death is also emerging very fast, although neither America has said any such thing nor Pakistan has publicly accepted any role in Zawahiri’s death. Is. EFSAS quoted a New York Times report as saying that. For many years Zawahiri was believed to be hiding in the border area of ​​Pakistan and it is not clear why he returned to Afghanistan. Following the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, it is believed that Zawahiri’s family returned to a safe house in Kabul, where he was later shot down by a US drone.

Asylum was being given in Karachi

Asylum was being given in Karachi

At the same time, the report, quoting top intelligence sources, also claimed that Zawahiri was being given shelter in Karachi and shortly after the Taliban took over Afghanistan, he was handed over to the Haqqani network near the Chaman border dividing Pakistan-Afghanistan. was taken to Kabul via On Pakistan’s role in Zawahiri’s assassination, Michael Rubin, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), said he believed Pakistan had a role in Zawahiri’s assassination. It is believed that Pakistan had made a deal with the US for Zawahiri’s death and after Zawahiri was killed, the US gave Pakistan a $450 million F-16 package, while Pakistan also got a loan from the IMF. Installment was received.

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