Wife Social Media Reels Ki Addict! When there was a craze on the head, then the husband became a murderer. – न्यूज़लीड India

Wife Social Media Reels Ki Addict! When there was a craze on the head, then the husband became a murderer.


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Published: Tuesday, November 8, 2022, 10:14 [IST]

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Wife was so obsessed with making social media reels that home might not have been a priority for her. The woman’s husband was so upset with her addiction that he became a murderer after being obsessed and bleeding on his head. The case is from Tiruppur in Tamil Nadu. According to the report, the wife used to spend a lot of time making social media reel. Disturbed by this habit of hers, her husband put her to death.

Wife Social Media Reels

A 38-year-old man murdered his wife in Tamil Nadu’s Tiruppur only because he was upset with his wife’s habit of spending too much time making reels for social media platforms, India Today reported. On Sunday night, the husband strangled his wife to death with a shawl.

According to the report, the accused person has been arrested in this murder case of Tamil Nadu. Amritalingam, 38, of Dindugal was married to a girl named Chitra. The couple lived in Salem Nagar, Tiruppur. The husband, accused of murder, used to work as a daily wage laborer in the Tennam Palayam vegetable market. Wife Chitra used to work in a garment factory and had a habit of posting reels on Tiktok and Instagram. Amritalingam and Chitra quarreled several times over the habit of posting reel. The husband complained that the wife was spending too much time on social media.

Chitra had thousands of followers on social media. Chitra decided to make a career in acting. She had also gone to Chennai two months back. He had 33.3K followers on his Instagram account. Last week, she had returned home to attend her daughter’s wedding. Chitra was getting ready to move to Chennai after marriage, but Amritalingam did not want her to leave home and go to acting.

Chitra’s habit of uploading reels and her desire to act in films reportedly led to a heated argument on Sunday night. The confrontation turned so horrific that Amritalingam strangled Chitra using his shawl. Amritalingam ran away from home in panic when he fainted. He told his daughter that he had killed Chitra.

When Chitra’s daughter went to see her mother, Chitra was found dead. He informed the police officers. Police seized the body of the deceased Chitra and arrested the accused Amritalingam from Perumanallur area. At present the police is doing further investigation.

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english summary

Man kills wife for spending too much time making social media reels in Tamil Nadu’s Tiruppur, held.

Story first published: Tuesday, November 8, 2022, 10:14 [IST]

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