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Will PM Modi meet Chinese President Jinping in Samarkand, what are the challenges?



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Updated: Wednesday, September 14, 2022, 15:25 [IST]

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Modi - Jinping

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Modi – Jinping

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi is going to participate in the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation) summit being held in Samarkand, Uzbekistan on September 15-16.

On this occasion, speculations are being made that there will be a meeting between PM Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Earlier, the two leaders met during the India-China Informal Summit held in Tamil Nadu in the year 2019.

But between the years 2019 to 2022, there has been a lot of tension in the relationship between the two countries. Tension has remained at many places along the LAAC (Line of Actual Control) since the violent clash between the soldiers of the two countries in the Indian territory of Ladakh. In many places the armies of both the countries are face to face.

To end this tension, so far several rounds of talks have been held at the commander level. Even after this, there has been talk of not enough progress in the process of withdrawal of troops.

But shortly before this summit, there is news of the retreat of the troops of both the countries at Petrol Point-15 in Ladakh.

China and India relations

  • There is a border dispute between India and China in many places including Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh.
  • Both countries are in favor of continuing talks to resolve these disputes.
  • The partnership between the two countries continues in the field of business to education.
  • In recent years, the border tension between the two countries on Doklam and Ladakh has taken a serious form.
  • meanwhile There have been more than 18 meetings between Prime Minister Modi and President Xi Jinping of India so far.

Putin - Jinping


Putin – Jinping

This development is very important in terms of the prospects of meeting between the two leaders in the SCO as this will be the first time after 2019 that both the leaders will be present at the same place at the same time.

Not only this, this is the first time that Chinese President Xi Jinping is leaving his country after the era of Kovid to participate in an international conference.

With this, this will be the first time since the Ukraine war when Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet Chinese President Xi Jinping.

This summit is being watched with great interest in the Western world.

But the biggest question for India is whether there will be any bilateral meeting between PM Modi and Xi Jinping on this occasion.

And can this meeting lead to a way to reduce the current tension between the two countries?

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Modi - Jinping

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Modi – Jinping

Will Jinping meet Modi?

Clear information is not being given from both the countries on the possibilities of meeting between Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning declined to comment on the prospects of a meeting between the two leaders.

On Tuesday, Mao Ning was asked whether Xi Jinping would meet Russian President Putin and Indian Prime Minister Modi.

In response, he said, “Continuing diplomatic dialogue at the head of state level is most important for the continued improvement of relations between China and Russia. For a long time, the presidents of the two countries have been in contact with each other and on strategic issues.” Have been talking through different mediums. But I do not have any information to answer this specific question. If we have any information, we will release it at the right time.”

No exact information has been revealed about this from the Indian Ministry of External Affairs so far.

But the withdrawal of troops from Petrol Point 15, just hours before this summit, has given rise to new possibilities.

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Modi - Jinping

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Modi – Jinping

Challenges of Modi-Jinping meeting

No concrete information has been revealed about the possible meeting between PM Modi and Xi Jinping.

But analysts tracking international affairs are calling it a very challenging meeting as the two leaders have not held direct talks since the escalation of tensions on the LAC in April 2020.

Not only this, along with SCO, India is also a member of the organization Quad consisting of America, Australia, Japan. China has also objected to this organization and India’s membership in it.

In such a situation, the question arises that in this background, who will take the initiative for the meeting and what will be achieved from this meeting.


Former Indian ambassador Vishnu Prakash believes that Indian Prime Minister Modi cannot be seen laughing and smiling with Chinese President Xi Jinping at a time when tensions with China continue on their own border.

Commenting on the timing of the troops at Petrol Point 15 in a conversation with Doordarshan, Vishnu Prakash says, “China is facing many challenges at this time. There has never been such a negative attitude towards China around the world. On the issue of Taiwan, the US stand has also become tough. In such a situation, these factors are playing a role.

He says, “The Chinese president is going to Samarkand for the SCO summit in these challenging conditions. I see the timing of the withdrawal of troops as a kind of strategic move. There is no doubt that this is a welcome step.” But this move is very strategic and there is no stability in it. Only the troops are retreating. I am not saying that it is not good. But they are just taking back their steps. cannot be seen as a deficiency.

Talking about how it will be seen (optics), then from the point of view of President Xi Jinping, the video of his meeting with PM Modi will prove to be very beneficial for him. So I think it is an attempt to see the reaction of India and the expectation is that some positive things will come out of it. Or some positivity will be seen at the level of optics.

We have never shied away from talking. We are talking. But the real issue is that some solution should come out of the meeting. Talking about its optics, we can’t seem to laugh and smile with Chinese President Xi Jinping when we see a negative attitude from China on our own border.”

Along with this, he said that “I do not mind laughing and smiling, but I am not in favor of such a meeting, which is being done just for the sake of meeting”.

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Modi - Jinping

AFP Contributor

Modi – Jinping

India China relations from Doklam to Galwan

International affairs expert Professor Harsh Pant also seems to agree with former ambassador Vishnu Prakash.

In a conversation with Doordarshan, he says, “I think India has faced such a situation before. If you remember the Doklam crisis, that crisis was resolved because China was organizing the BRICS conference in which it was PM. Wanted Modi’s presence. So he backed out. Now looking at Doklam or Galwan, there is not much difference between the two.

In such a situation, I think that we should be very careful about such efforts from China because the purpose of this is to show India and the world that we are maintaining harmony with India even after the tension on the border, we are a Have retreated to a certain place, which has created a positive atmosphere. In such a situation, there should be conversation and meeting.

I agree with former ambassador Vishnu Prakash here that India should be very careful about the future keeping in mind the history of its relationship with China because China is currently isolated in the world. At the same time, India is in a very good position on the global stage. In such a situation, from the point of view of optics, meeting of Xi Jinping and Modi will be like turning the dice for Jinping because he can go back and say that there is no problem with India.

In such a situation, India should be very sensitive in terms of optics because many things in diplomacy are due to optics. India should not be weak in this matter because the way this meeting will be seen, it will tell a different story among Indians and in the whole world.

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