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Will this tank given to Ukraine change the course of the war against Russia?

Will this tank given to Ukraine change the course of the war against Russia?

Ukraine is continuously demanding this tank. He has asked for this tank from western countries so that with its help Russia can be defeated. What is special in this.



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Updated: Wednesday, January 25, 2023, 11:43 [IST]

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Russia-Ukraine War


Russia-Ukraine War

There was a lot of pressure on European countries to give their Leopard-2 tanks to Ukraine for some time. Now German Foreign Minister Anna Barebock has said that if Poland wants to give Leopard-2 tanks to Ukraine, they will not come in the way.

Ukraine is continuously demanding this tank. He has asked western countries for this tank made in Germany so that Russia can be defeated with its help.

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba has told the BBC that Germany has the power to save the lives of many Ukrainian soldiers.

But Germany has not yet agreed to this. Due to the export rules related to it, Poland has not been able to give this tank to Ukraine yet.

On Monday, Barebock said that Poland has not yet sought permission to export this tank.

“At the moment Poland has not asked for this permission, but if they want to give these tanks to Ukraine, we will not be an obstacle,” Bierbock told France’s LCI TV.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiczki said that his government would seek permission from Germany for this. But even if permission is not given, these tanks will be given to Ukraine.

Moravetskyi said, “Even if we do not get permission, we will hand over our tanks and some other countries to Ukraine within the framework of a small coalition.”

European Union’s Foreign Policy Chief Joseph Borrell said that Germany will not stop exporting Leopard-2 tanks to other EU member states.

’14 Leopard to Poland Ukraine,Will send 2 tanks’

Borrell said that the talk of helping Ukraine should not only revolve around tanks.

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba appealed to all the countries willing to give this tank to his country in an interview to the BBC, saying, “These countries should immediately send an official request to Germany to give the tank to Ukraine.”

He said, “This is the step by which all the circumstances will become clear. We will see what is Germany’s stand on this. An official request is required. After this everything will be clear.

Kuleba said on national TV, “We have full confidence that Germany will definitely give permission to send tanks.” We have got Challenger tanks from Britain. It cannot happen that Germany does not give permission to send Leopard tanks. In such cases, every time what we wanted has happened. Tanks will definitely be available this time too.

A spokesman for the German government said that Germany has not yet received any official request to send Leopard-2 tanks. Last year, Moravetsky said that Poland is ready to send 14 Leopard-2 tanks to Ukraine.

On Monday, Marcin Przydek, foreign policy advisor to the President of Poland, welcomed Bierbock’s statement. In the statement, she had said that she would not come in the way of giving Leopard-2 tank to Ukraine.

“Through dialogue and diplomatic consultations, Poland has succeeded in changing Germany’s position on the Leopard-2 tank,” he told Polish Radio.

However, Poland wants that Germany and NATO member countries should also send their own Leopard tanks to Ukraine because Polish government officials believe that with the help of 14 tanks, Ukraine’s combat capability will not be significantly strengthened.

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Russia-Ukraine War

Getty Images

Russia-Ukraine War

Russia’s warning

Meanwhile, Vyacheslav Volodin, the speaker of the Russian Parliament Duma, has warned that if the US and NATO help Ukraine, a ‘fierce war’ could break out.

He said, “If arms continue to be supplied to Ukraine, then Ukraine can attack the citizens living in the cities and occupy our territory. With this, Russia can retaliate with more lethal weapons.

The Leopard-2 tank is designed to counter the Russian T-90 tank. Russia is using this tank a lot in this attack.

It is believed that there are two thousand Leopard-2 tanks around the world. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said that if he gets 300 such tanks then Russia’s defeat is certain.

Germany did not agree to give this tank to Ukraine. Due to this, there was great disappointment among Nato and the allied countries.

According to the current rules, Germany’s permission will be needed before giving Leopard-2 tanks to Ukraine.

Even if these tanks are to be sent from Poland, Germany’s permission will have to be taken.

Even after the meeting of 50 allied countries on Friday, Germany had not made any promise to give these tanks to Ukraine, nor had it issued an export license.

But he had said that he would not put a one-way roadblock in the way of supply of tanks.

In a joint statement by the foreign ministers of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, Germany was demanded to immediately provide Leopard-2 tanks to Ukraine.

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Leopard,Why is there such a demand for 2 tanks?

Chris Partridge, BBC weapons analyst

Leopard-2 tank is a world class tank. More than a dozen countries use it.

Ukraine believes that tanks have an important role in the fight against Russia. Leopard tanks have shown their brilliance in the battles of Afghanistan and Syria.

Ukraine is also desperate to get Leopard tank because two-thirds of the tanks are manufactured in Europe only.

That’s why the delivery of Leopard tanks will be very easy for him and he will be able to fight face to face with Russia more effectively.

Being made in Europe, repairing and maintenance of these tanks will also be easy for Ukraine.

Repairing and maintenance have to be taken care of while using the tanks.

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Many countries are giving tanks to Ukraine

Germany is providing air defense systems like IRIS-T and Patriot surface-to-air missiles.

Apart from this, Germany is also giving armored vehicles to Ukraine.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is in favor of keeping a distance from the armed conflict. He has also been worried about further provoking the war from Russia.

Recently, he met French President Emmanuel Macron and insisted on strengthening the military alliance between the two countries after the war.

France has already sent light tanks to Ukraine. The French President said that his country can also give Leclerc heavy tanks made in his country to Ukraine.

Apart from this, many countries including Britain have promised to give tanks to Ukraine.

Britain will soon send its 14 Challenger 2S tanks to Ukraine.

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