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Woman cut hair, burnt hijab… After Mahsa Amini’s death, women’s demonstration in Iran

Woman cut hair, burnt hijab

On Sunday, Iran’s Moral Police detained a 22-year-old girl, Mahsa Amini, for not wearing a hijab, and family members alleged that Mahsa was tortured and hit in the head by the police while in custody. She went into a coma and died in the hospital after 3 days. After Mahsa’s death, women’s anger has erupted across Iran and they are getting the support of the youth. According to the latest report, women have started burning the hijab and many women have also cut their hair in protest. Wearing the hijab is mandatory for women in Iran and there is a provision of punishment for not doing so, and according to a report on Sunday afternoon, the Iranian government had filed cases against 16,000 women, but thousands more have taken to the streets, who are radicalized. They are raising slogans against the government and demanding their right along with abolishing the compulsory hijab.

Protest against hardline government

Masih Alinejad, a well-known Iranian journalist and human rights activist, shared a video of women cutting their hair on her social media account and wrote, “Iranian women show their anger by cutting their hair and burning hijab in protest against Mahsa’s murder by hijab police. have been.” He wrote that, “From the age of 7, if we do not cover our hair, we will not be able to go to school or get a job. We are fed up with this gender apartheid system.” At the same time, in another tweet, another Iranian journalist has shared scenes from Tehran University and said that the students of the university have joined the demonstration against the killing of Mahsa Amini and they have a huge anger against the hardline government.

Protests begin across Iran

Protests begin across Iran

“Yesterday security forces opened fire on protesters in the city of Saghez, but now the capital Tehran has also joined the protest,” female journalist Alinejad said in a tweet. She has tweeted one after the other, in which she has said that “brave women” have hit the streets for the second day in a row and she wrote, brave ladies “Don’t be afraid, we are all united.” He has also written that the security forces have opened fire on the protesters, in which many protesters have been injured, but still people will not remain silent against the wrongdoers and this voice is not going to stop. At the same time, according to Al Jazeera, when 22-year-old Mehsa Amini was arrested by the police, she had come with her family to visit the capital and after police custody she was admitted to the hospital and she suffered serious head injuries. There were marks. At the same time, Tehran police confirmed the death of the 22-year-old girl and it was said from the police that the body of Mahsa Amini has been sent for investigation.

What did Mahsa's family say?

What did Mahsa’s family say?

Human rights activists who spoke to the family said Amini was captured by police and forced to sit inside a police vehicle, CNN quoted IranWire as saying. During this, her brother protested to the police, after which the police said that her sister was being taken to the police station for an hour to re-educate Islam, as she had gone astray. Police said he would be released after guidance in Greater Iran, after which the family waited outside the police station. But, after some time the family saw an ambulance going inside the police station, carrying Mehsa Amini to the hospital. At the same time, the police initially said that, during interrogation, Mahsa had suffered a heart attack, that is why she has been taken to the hospital, but after going to the hospital, it was found that Mahsa has a serious head injury and has gone into a coma.

was completely healthy

was completely healthy

Mehsa’s family said that she did not have any heart-related ailments and was in fact perfectly healthy. At the same time, human rights organization Amnesty International has said that “the circumstances which include allegations of custodial torture and other abuse in the custodial death of 22-year-old girl Mehsa Amini should be criminally investigated.” It said, “The so-called ‘moral police’ in Tehran had arrested Mahsa three days ago and the arrest was arbitrary and humiliating. He was forcibly asked to cover his head, so all the agents and those involved in this were responsible for justice.” While Mahsa’s death has spread like wildfire on social media, Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi ordered the interior minister to launch an investigation into the matter.

The matter will be raised in Parliament

At the same time, according to the Aljazeera report, several Iranian lawmakers said that they would raise the matter in parliament, while the Iranian court has said that it will set up a special force to investigate Mahsa’s death. Al Jazeera said in its report that, there has been increasing opposition inside and outside Iran to the conduct of the ethics police, known as Iran’s Patrol-e Ershad (Guidance Patrol), and over it before abusing women. There have also been allegations. As Al Jazeera reports, Iran has a mandatory dress code for all races and religions and non-Muslims must also wear a full head covering. The law also states that women must cover their heads with the hijab in such a way that their hair is not visible. At the same time, it is also mandatory to hide the neck with a scarf. Iran’s radical government has pushed the country back for tens of years and women have been raising their voices against the hijab in Iran for the past several years.

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