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Woman’s leg stuck in train toilet, rescued after 100 km


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Published: Wednesday, November 9, 2022, 1:46 [IST]

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In the Bilaspur-Bhopal train, a handicapped woman slipped and got stuck in the toilet near Katni Junction. The woman kept crying in the toilet in the same condition for about 100 kilometers. Railway staff rescued at Damoh station and took out the leg after an hour of effort.

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In a strange incident in the Bilaspur to Bhopal express train, a woman’s leg got stuck in the toilet of the train. The woman tried hard, but her leg could not come out. After a long time, when she did not reach the seat, the family members went and saw that she was crying sitting in the toilet. When the leg could not be removed after many efforts, the Railway Control Room was informed. After traveling like this for about 100 km, the staff posted at Damoh railway station rescued and pulled out the woman’s leg safely. The train stood at the station for about an hour. The woman was handicapped.

According to the information received from the railway management, Bindu Manikpuri father Asanadas 39, resident of Baloda in Janjgir Champa district of Chhattisgarh, was going to Bhopal by train number 18236 Bilaspur.Bhopal passenger train along with his family members. He is also handicapped in the left leg. She went to the toilet after the train departed from Katni station. There suddenly his foot slipped and Sita got stuck in the toilet seat. He tried hard, but could not get his leg out. She sat in that position. After a long time the relatives arrived and they also tried, but the leg could not come out.

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Jabalpur control room was informed from the moving train
After a lot of effort, when the woman’s leg could not come out, the family members and railway staff were informed to the Jabalpur control room of the railways. From there an alert was sent to Damoh station. After which the team of station staff and sweeper were stationed on the spot before the train reached the station. As soon as the train reached Damoh station, the team started the rescue. After an hour’s effort, the woman’s leg could be pulled out from the cushion toilet. The woman was made to sit at the station. After the condition became normal, the train could be dispatched about an hour late by making him sit in the train. According to Damoh station master Rajesh Sengal, the woman had gone to the toilet around Hardua station between Katni-Damoh, where she slipped and her foot got stuck in the toilet.

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Railway, Bilaspur-Bhopal, woman’s leg stuck in toilet, rescue in Damoh

Story first published: Wednesday, November 9, 2022, 1:46 [IST]

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