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Yamraj snatched her husband’s breath, man had heart attack, wife gave new life like this

heart attack in train

It’s Friday night around 12 o’clock. Chennai resident Keshavan, 67, was traveling in coach B4 along with his wife Daya in the Nizamuddin Thiruvananthapuram Superfast Express. Keshavan’s health suddenly deteriorated in the moving train. The information about the deteriorating health was given to the RPF. The passenger was brought on the platform as soon as the train stopped at the station, but by then his breath was out of breath. Keshavan was going from Delhi to Kozhikode with his wife Daya.

Wife returned her breath by giving CPR

Wife returned her breath by giving CPR

On receiving the information, RPF constable Ashok Kumar asked Keshavan’s wife to give CPR to her husband. After which Daya started giving breath to her husband through her mouth. After this, the wife dragged the husband from the mouth of death by giving CPR for about half a minute. During this, the young traveler’s heart is pumping. At the same time, other passengers present on the spot kept rubbing their hands and feet.

hospital taken by ambulance

hospital taken by ambulance

At the same time, the RPF personnel sent information to the control room and sought the help of an ambulance. When the condition of the passenger improved after CPR, the CRPF jawan Keshavan was brought out of the stretcher and sent to the railway hospital by ambulance. Where the doctors referred him after seeing his serious condition. After this the soldiers admitted him to a private hospital in Mathura.

Couple was returning from Char Dham Yatra

Keshavan’s immediate medical treatment saved his life. For now, those dangers are out. Keshavan’s wife Daya told that we are residents of Kasaragod in Kerala district. He had gone to Uttarakhand on Char Dham Yatra. Keshavan’s son Neeraj is also a doctor in Saharanpur. On getting the information, he has also reached Mathura.

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