Yogi government was kind to handloom and powerloom weavers, will start this scheme soon – न्यूज़लीड India

Yogi government was kind to handloom and powerloom weavers, will start this scheme soon

Lucknow, June 18: To encourage handloom and powerloom weavers, the Yogi government of the state has started Jhalkari Bai Kori Handloom and Powerloom Development Scheme. Under this, upgraded handlooms and automatic powerlooms will be installed in place of the old, traditional handlooms and powerlooms operated by the handloom and powerloom weavers of the state. The state government has also made a provision of eight crore rupees for the scheme in the budget of the current financial year.

During this, Handloom and Textile Industries Minister Rakesh Sachan said that this scheme has been started with the objective of improving the economic and social standard of living of the handloom and powerloom weavers of the Scheduled Castes / Tribes. Under the scheme, technical training will be given to the handloom and powerloom weavers of Scheduled Castes / Scheduled Tribes. Construction of workshop and establishment of handloom will be done for them. For this, the state government will give 80 percent grant and the weavers will have to bear only 20 percent. Similarly, 60 percent of the state government and 40 percent of the weavers will be contributed in the establishment of the upgraded par loom.

Under this scheme, weavers with modern technology handlooms and powerlooms will be able to produce new fashion and new colors according to the demand of the market. Keeping in view the requirements of the weavers, the scheme has been divided into three components. The first is the modern powerloom technique training programme, the second is the establishment of advanced quality handlooms and powerlooms and the third is the construction of handloom and powerloom workshops. For the implementation of the scheme, a district level project committee will be constituted under the chairmanship of the Chief Development Officer and a state level project committee under the chairmanship of Commissioner and Director Handloom and Textile Industries. On the basis of the recommendation of the committee, the money will be allotted to the eligible.

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